Hey Y’all!!

Well a little about me?? Besides being a serious dog lover?? No, seriously… I’m the one chasing dogs down the side walk, asking to pet them. I call my Am Staff, my first born. He’s 10 and hes been through it all with me. His name is Bear, but my friends all know him as Sir BearBear. Back to me, because I could talk about him all day… I’m an East Coaster through and through. Born in Jersey, lived in P.A. but, mainly raised in good ole Georgia. Oh, probably should introduce myself… Leah, Leah Naomi.


I am a mountain lover, water needer, sunshine seeker. I love pushing myself physically, avid gym go-er for well over a decade. Everything from teaching Zumba to training MMA to GORUCK Challenges (More on this later)

I’ve worked all sorts of jobs, slinging drinks in Midtown ATL, as well as Nanny Poppins. Im really good at rambling… Oh yeah, GORUCK. I did a Challenge overnight and met my husband. Got pregnant, moved to the MidWest, had a baby, got married…. In that order. Because, life…

Ex workaholic, currently raising my Tornado Banshee III aka Mila aka Chinchilla. Breastfeeding, cloth diapering, DIY freak. I’m happiest when I can dream something up in my mind and see it completed from start to finish. I started my own Etsy Shop called BearfootGeorgia, I am the day dreamer of all the house projects, I am the weirdo in her PJ’s and your local Hobby Lobby, staring down the craft isles as if her life depends on it. Giant foodie… mention food and get an immediate smile.

To be honest, this was created not only to document said things, but to have yet another, creative outlet. Firm believer in letting the crazy out before it consumes you. Believe me y’all, I have a lot of crazy.

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