Fancy Shmancy : Kids Table

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Who doesn’t love a good before and after? Or saving money? I am a big fan of Ikea’s unfinished wood furniture that can be refurnished in whatever way you wish. I have a couple of night stands from there… but that is a project for another day. Pinterest has a TON of ideas for this wood table to really transform the look.

Left picture is how it comes to you. Cant beat it for $24.99 for the whole set. I put this on Mila’s Christmas list and procrastinated the heck out of completing it. Currently going through a rough time, and what is a better distraction then painting and getting to be creative AF?? I taped down the ends in order to have that dipped leg look. I have zero patience so just eyeballed it.

COLORS — The FUN part. So I wanted the legs and chairs to be mismatched. Picked a fun blue and yellow from Target for this. I’ve been meaning to try their paints out. The blue was super thick, I did two coats of it. The yellow was extremely watery and dripped like crazy when I painted. I wound up grabbing some grey paint I had left over from another project. Country Chic is the brand and the color is Hula Hoop. This paint already has the primer in it so you typically only need one coat.

As you can see the yellow didnt hardly show up. Super bummed because it looked REALLY pretty in the jar.

I taped the legs off and did blue on the table, grey on the chairs… removed the tape, retaped above the pre-existing line and did the legs of the table in grey. I decided to keep the raw wood on the chair legs.


After painting and pealing the tape all off, I used MinWax in Natural to seal the project. This is crucial for easy clean up from spills or dirt. You need two rags. First one, fold over in half and then again making a fluff square. Really butter it up with the wax and rub away on your project. Use the second clean cloth to buff out the wax.


Voila!!! Absolutely adorable and doesn’t cost very much to upgrade it. Planning on adding a thin wood top to the table and chairs but for now… I love it!

Happy painting,


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