Make It – Charming Tree Swing

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Do you love swinging??? Because I LOVE swinging. I have these two giant trees in my yard that were begging for a babe to swing on its beautiful branches. If you know me, you know I had to design and make it. So here’s how we did it!!!


  1. 2 x 12 wood
  2. 3/4″ rope
  3. Stain – I used Jacobean
  4. Cricut vinyl sticker (optional)
  5. Outdoor sealant
  6. Sand paper


  1. Miter Saw
  2. Drill (3/4″ spade bit)
  3. Hand Sander
  4. Pencil
  5. Tape measure

We have a ton of scrap wood lying around so I picked the widest board possible and wanted it to be quite large to sit on. I hate when swings cut into my thighs haha! Again, perks to making things custom!

First, cut the board to the width of your desire, this one is 12 x 30 inches. Then measure 2 inches from each side and mark your spot for rope holes. 4 in total. Pre drill the holes and then use a spade bit that matches the diameter of your rope. Again, ours was 3/4.

Sand the board and the holes really well. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. I chose to used a vinyl monogram design, my chincillas initials. Can you tell I’m Southern yet? I decided to stain the board so after applying the vinyl, I used a small paint brush and very gently painted around the vinyl. After this I stained the rest of the board. Once it was dry, I slowly peeled off the vinyl and saw it had bled slightly. Initially was discouraged and wanted to paint it, but decided to post my project on a home group I’m on and the majority loved the imperfect look. I’m glad I got a few second opinions!!! Perfect is boring.

The next step was to seal the wood with an outdoor sealer. This dries very quickly and I used 2 coats in total. The day I sealed it, the temperatures had dropped really low and it was rainy. Lil babe and I were freezing but I was determined to get this swing up and running. My husband cut the rope in half and tied a double bowline on each rope. Looks hefty huh?! I kind of have a thing for knot tying.

We didn’t use a ladder for the next portion — Don’t have one (ha), our tree is about 10-12 ft high. Throw the rope over the branch, pull the free end through the loop and tighten. You obviously want each rope to be about the width of your swing. Once this is completed, thread the loose end of the rope through the top of the board, under the board and back up its matching side. Do this on both ends. We used a triple hitch knot and left a tail, babe is quite small so she uses the tails to hold onto while she swings, plus I like the look of it. After trying this out, we decided to replace the knot with a bowline knot.

Y’all don’t judge my yard. Previous home owners didn’t take care of it. Something we are trying to work on this summer. #MudYardForLife

In total, because we already had the wood… the project was under 45 bucks! I’m hoping this will be something special my babe cherishes and winds up having it in a home of her own one day. For now, we will break it in!!!!



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