National Penguin Day : Snack Attack


This morning I got a message from my husband, informing me that TODAY is National Penguin Day. He is obsessed with penguins so of course he wanted to celebrate. How does one celebrate penguins??? Yeah, I was stumped too.

He came up with two options…

1. Pin the bow tie on the penguin… Way too involved for my taste.

2. These penguin snacks. Yes… I admit they are cute.

Off to Hobby Lobby I went. Snagged the candy eyes and dark chocolate melts from there. At Hyvee, I grabbed nanners and dark chocolate m&m’s. Four ingredients… Simple right? Seriously this is easy… I don’t normally like fru-fru looking snacks and this took all of 20 minutes max. My time is probably longer with a crazy pre toddler running wild.



The recipe is on the blog mentioned above. I found using a butcher knife was way easier for chopping the candy. Make sure an adult does this. Freeze and enjoy!! *I made a small batch of these, wouldn’t recommend letting these stay in the freezer for more than a couple of days.


I clearly got bored with just orange… mix up the colors. Why not? Also, these eyes remind me of Hay-Hay. Clearly I’ve been watching too much Moana.




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