Whisk + Measure

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If there is one sure-fire way to make me REALLY happy… It’s exploring the city, by stumbling into a new food related place. This morning, we went to a second-hand cloth diaper sale, scored an exclusive BumGenius print (that’s out of production for 13 bucks!) called “Free Spirit.” How fitting to describe the day?? Followed by trading in some of my babes old clothes. As we were pulling into the parking lot at the second hand store, my husband spotted this adorable coffee shop. WE MUST GO!!!

The outside of this coffee shop, is so stinking charming. The whole strip has this really chunky molding, each shop having a different color. Whisk + Measure has this really gorgeous and welcoming green molding. IT basically entices you like Hansel and Gretel searching in the deep forest for bread crumbs…. Maybe, it’s just me… But, if you get near the door and have a whiff of their baked items, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Y’all. Could this shop be anymore adorable?! I seriously muttered under my breath, “This is WAY better than Starbucks.” First of all, the insanely charming decor… Which, I am a sucker for. Bright open shelving, showcasing their most odd and amazing mug collection. No two mugs are the same. I have a mug collection of hand painted pottery myself, so this was probably one of my favorite details. They then have, not one but THREE displays of baked goods. It made me feel like a kid in a candy store.

They have a drink of the month, which happened to be a Nutella Mocha drink! Free coffee refills, Tyler clearly loved. Their menu is brightly displayed on this 3 piece metal design. Literally, every detail of this shop is precious. Down to my water being served in a mason jar, which made this southern girl very happy.

So the above, is one of their 3 bakery displays. Whoever does the handwritten signs, gets an A+… I’m a sucker for good handwriting, this just adds more of that warm charm. They also make all their items in-house!!! Little delicious bites, all the way up to full-sized cakes.

The 2nd picture, is their seating area which is very spacious… you will never feel cluttered here, also free WiFi. Lets talk more decor… Exposed painted charcoal ceilings, love. The medium sea blue epoxied floor… so shiny and really brightens up the space. Big giant, beautiful windows all around, bringing in the natural lighting. A warm reclaimed wood wall with touches of photography around the room, which are up for sale. My favorite thing, in this space, was these green geometric patterned felt pieces draped above. This easily and rightfully so, took my attention span away for a while.

So, what did we try!? First off, the left hand picture cracks me up. My 1-year-old could NOT wait to dig in. Even she knew the gold mine we had struck. Tyler picked white chocolate, raspberry quick bread. Which honestly tasted more like pound cake to me, either way, extremely moist and as you can tell… the babe loved it. They were serving 3 types of homemade mallows. (Peppermint, vanilla bean and espresso) Of course, I went with espresso. These were slightly tart, then very sweet… If you’ve never had a homemade marshmallow, you are missing out. 3rd, was the best macaroon ever. Peach mimosa. I mean, there’s nothing else to say… other than these people really know how to make a quality macaroon. Oh, and funky zebra cup, that kept us sweet company.

So, in summary… I’m obsessed. I’d like to move in, and/or work here… It’s that relaxing. Prices are extremely reasonable, way less than your typical chain coffee place. When we left, I was sure to tell two family members about this new hidden gem. It is worth the drive from our Elmwood neighborhood. Definitely a great place for a weekend pit stop, or to bring out of towners to.

Whisk + Measure 

2505 S 133rd Plaza, Omaha, NE 68144



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