Sprinkle Protein Waffles

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FOOD!!!! Yay!!! I am a big believer, in healthy foods having A LOT of flavor. This is a recipe I received from my bikini prep coach, but of course…. I had to add my own flare to it. These are oatmeal, egg protein pancakes as the base. You can add just about any fruit or seasonings you like to mix it up. I opted to make waffles after a while, simply because it takes way less time than making pancakes one by one. Plus, who doesn’t love nooks and crannies for syrup!?



  • 1 Cup Old Fashioned Oats

  • 1 Cup Eggs *If you are just under a cup, add coconut milk or whatever is on hand to make a cup*

  • Seasonings – Dashes of — Salt, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract

  • Optional – Banana, Dark Chocolate Chips, Sprinkles

  • Cooking Spray


Close up of the seasonings, yes salt is mandatory in all cooking/baking. My absolute favorite place to get spices is Savory Spice Shop. If you haven’t tried REAL cinnamon before, not your store brand… Go to your local spice shop. They sell spices in very small to large quantities, I find its way better tasting. Also, key in ANY baking, is to have really good vanilla extract. Another item to find at your spice shop.


The optional ingredients, I use half of a nanner. You can slice the rest to add on top later, unfortunately my mouth was salivating and I forgot to add the slices to ours ha! Sprinkles give a fun color, one of my favorite memories as a teen was at my friend Morgans house. Her Dad used to pump out mini sprinkle pancakes for us. YUM. Also, dark chocolate chips with banana waffles?? Yes, please.


Next step, is to add you base into the blender. Oatmeal, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, salt, and nanner. Blend until smooth!!!


Spray your waffle iron with Pam, pour your delicious batter in. Add your sprinkles and chocolate chips. I cook mine for 3 minutes. You still want to stand near by so it doesn’t burn, the key is a golden brown waffle. They will be denser vs. traditional waffles… cooking all the way through is crucial. I like to cool, my waffles on a cooling rack. Setting hot waffles on a plate leads to soggy waffles. This is an insult to waffles everywhere.



***Serving Tips***

  • Butter the waffle, while it’s still warm. There is no greater frustration than buttering a cold waffle Am-I-Right!?
  • Add extra sprinkles on top, crunchtastic.
  • Choose your syrup wisely, I like the one above, it keeps things healthy.

Kid approved, my 1-year-old Tornado Banshee III kills these. Feel free to double this recipe and make left overs. They freeze great and are fantastic for meal prep in the morning. Reheat in the microwave and you are good to go. They keep you full all morning, not to mention the added energy from eating solid ingredients! Win on win on win!


Here she is, in all of her glory.



***Please tag us if you try this #BearfootMamaBanshee and follow me on Instagram @leahnaomiii***

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