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Having kids is EXPENSIVE. I try to look for various ways to save money all the time, clothing is an absolute budget killer. Lets think about this… They poop in it, they spit up in it, they stain it… etc. Not to mention, they grow like weeds!!! Cutting corners with clothes is a fantastic way to save some money. Maybe, I can persuade you with my deal findings??

I know, I know… a lot of people can’t get over the idea of wearing something used. I’m begging you to just try though… part of the fun, is searching for your favorite brands in a sea of clothes… and then getting the satisfaction of knowing you are paying an extremely low price. Who cares if they rip it, who cares if there’s grass stains on it?? You only paid a couple bucks!!

Also, say the clothes aren’t your thing… There’s BOOKS, movies, shoes, all sorts of toys, home decor, games etc!!! You will find a deal, one way or another. It is a great way to sell old clothes that you don’t want to keep, I’ve made even trades before and didn’t owe anything. Walked away with new clothes for the bambina!! Score.

Heres a couple of second hand stores in Omaha… 

  1. B2B This is by far my favorite one, their prices are fair and the staff is really nice. 
  2. Kid to Kid Items are priced slightly higher, selling process is a little more involved.
  3. Baby Junk This is a crunchy cloth diaper store that has taken away a good chunk of retail, and is now doing consignment clothes as well. Havent bought or sold here, yet.

Yearly consignment, what does this mean!?

Here is an event we checked out today in Omaha. It’s a seasonal event called Take2. It’s a mobile shop that sets up in Omaha (Crossroads Mall), Lincoln and Des Moines.

It is GIANT. They have separate rooms that were very organized for toys, shoes, outdoor items, girl clothes and boy clothes. The pricing kind of threw me off shopping, couldn’t figure out why some items were SO reasonable and others were steep. When we were checking out, I found out how these events are handled. It’s items that are priced by the sellers aka parents. The seller receives 70% of the sticker price. Whatever doesn’t sell in Omaha, then goes to Lincoln, at that point its 50% profit. They do everything by bar code and at the end of it all, you walk away with some cash! Pretty neat system. Also, explains why some of the pricing was whack balls.

None the less, I found some AMAZING items. I literally can spot my favorite brands on the rack, it’s a talent Y’all. I scored all of these clothes for $28!!!


  • Carters onesie – $1. I can never find ones that aren’t sold in giant packs!
  • Pink Pjs – $3. Um, it’s a skeleton and its adorable.
  • Betsy Johnson bikini – $3. Tell me, what designer swimsuit you can get for that price? its baby blue with cherries all over it and I couldn’t pass it up. Baby belly FTW.
  • Old Navy black dress – $2. Every girl needs a LBD. This one is a onesie with a very light skirt around it… perfect for my tom boy who can’t be hassled with frills.
  • White tutu with silver stars – $4. One of my splurges, but one can never have enough tutus. I pair them with everything, favorite being band t-shirts.
  • Carters flower skirt – $2. Light and airy, perfect for summer.
  • Circo purple bow dress – $3. Cotton dresses… I think yes.
  • Baby Gap Denim Chambray tunic – $4. Um, Baby Gap… for FOUR dollars.
  • First Dog hard back book – $3.

The day, needless to say, was a success! You can’t beat consignment prices.Would love to hear back of your favorite, local consignment shops! Happy saving!!




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