Fluffy Bum Madness : 101

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A lazy and realistic guide to the world of unicorn poo holders
First off, let me say this isn’t something I ever saw myself doing or being SO obsessed with. SO, how did I get sucked in?? As per usual, when I registered for Mila, I scanned a million boxes of disposable diapers. It was easy. It required nothing but a push of my thumb… fast forward to 7-ish months prego and my creative/spazz brain decided to question it all and look deeper into this crunchy world. Typical, right? Now double fast forward to the present. I talk quite frequently ro Mama’s about the ins and outs of cloth, I LOVE answering questions and helping out. This was one of my main reasons to start blogging was to have one spot for my Mama advice.
My main reasons for getting into cloth
  • To SAVE money – Besides Etsy, I have no income to myself, so between this and breastfeeding… I knew it would make an impact.
  • Better for the babies skin – Less diaper rash, less problems amiright?
  • Earth friendly – Who doesn’t want good Karma?? 
  • PRINTS – Some buy the same color, I’m a collector for sure. 1 of each. 
So the majority of guides will say you need 24 diapers to get a good, solid rotation going. This seems overwhelming upfront, but I promise it is worth it. If you are smart, you can register on Amazon for them ahead of time. If you are behind the curve like I was, you can slowly invest on a couple here and there. Check out your local cloth diaper stores to figure out what brands/styles you are attracted to. I asked around and pretty much stuck with BumGenius from the start. 4.0 Pocket style. ***TIP*** Babies R Us does carry some BumGenius, however the quality is not up to par with ordering from a regular cloth retailer IMO.
Building your stash
  • EVERY cloth diaper company has a B/S/T page on Facebook
  • Cotton Babies has FREE shipping, as well as options to buy in bulk
  • Your local cloth diaper store— Typically has gently used cloth
Decide if you want to invest in Newborn diapers. We didn’t, downside to this was that our babe was a lean machine so it wasnt until 2 and a half months in before her little legs were thick enough for cloth. Needless to say, I was ready to dive in. I was SO over having to scrub all of her clothes every time a disposable leaked… not to mention, no more disposable refill runs!
My favorite brands & styles
Side note : I only use snap closures. Velcro doesn’t last and doesnt sell well later either! I also only use whatever inserts they are sold with. There are a lot of other options, but again, I was in to save $$$.
  •  BumGenius ($19-$30) We have LOTS of 4.0 and 5.0. I have a few organic ones (dont recommend, they take forever and a day to dry) then ventured into the Freetimes. Freetimes are where it is at if you are lazy, Freetimes are your best friend. Freetimes are fantastic for overnight especially. Did I say, I LOVE FREETIMES?? *** Tip *** There’s a group called ‘BG Diapers Phone Tree Group’ on Facebook, you can sign up for text alerts for new BG releases.
  • Smart Bottoms (Around $30) Love the prints, however these take a while to prep and dry as well.
  • Blueberry ($24-$31) The only one I have is organic, pocket style… Indifferent mainly because of the price tag.
  • Grovia ($17-$24) I can’t say enough great things about this brand. We have the AIO, Hybrids and the O.N.E. Keep in mind the hybrids don’t come with inserts like BG. You purchase the snap insert separately. However, the system is easy for Hybrid. You can un-snap a dirty insert and re-snap a new one in.
Wash Routine
This is what works for me, after a few weeks of fumbling, you’ll find a solid routine. I don’t have a fancy sprayer, honestly you dont need it. Especially if you are planning to BF, its water soluble and you just throw the diapers in the washer. Pull out the inserts for the pockets. Later on, when the babe is eating solids… you’ll need more TLC. We keep 4 total Kanga Care wet bags in rotation. 2 in her nursery, 1 gets dirty diapers… 1 gets wet. Makes for easier sorting and cleaning. Kanga Care wet bags are GIANT and hold a lot of diapers, they are sturdy AF. Not to mention all the cool colors and patterns they come in as well.
To wash, take the dirty diapers and remove as much as you can with tissue— flush and throw the diaper back into the wet bag. Load your washer with diapers, again, pulling pocket inserts out. This is where the AIO/Freetimes etc come in handy… just plop those suckers in. We don’t use fancy detergent here, Tide Free and Clear. Anything without dyes or perfumes will do. Once a month a cap of bleach goes in. Typically this is set on a heavy load, extra rinse. To dry, anything with an insert sewn in goes in the dryer and all of your inserts go in. Set heat on Medium. Hang dry your shells.
For stains, sunning the diapers naturally bleaches it out. For heavier stains, keep the diapers wet by spraying them with water… you can add lemon juice to them and continue to sun. Key point, is the shells staying WET. If you use lemon juice, you’ll need to start the wash cycle over after sunning.


Kanga Care wet bag in green, BumGenius wet bag in pink (great for diaper bag) Wet bags can also double for throwing in wet swimsuits etc… Double duty!
Random Tips 
  • NO diaper creams with cloth, regular coconut oil is fantastic for rashes. We keep a tub of this on the changing table.
  • Buying cloth IS addicting, 99% of a chance of being a obesessed psycho.
  • When we travel, if it’s a drive… we sometimes take cloth. However, if we fly we don’t mess with cloth. Honest Company is where it’s at. Every other brand makes her break out.

3 month old squish in BG Alicia print… *AW*

In summary, we are 21 months into using cloth and couldn’t be happier with out choice. I am super lazy and surprisingly, it’s the easiest laundry we have. Not to mention, you can ALWAYS sell these back at some point. Yet another plus for using cloth. If y’all have any other questions, feel free to reach out!!!

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